Issue 5 Rimon Guimarães

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Few places can compete with India. Home to explosive color and spirituality, the country does not cater to the faint of heart.

In Mumbai we discover what happens when you get scouted street side to be a Bollywood extra, and in Goa we learn how entrepreneurs are fusing ecology and hospitality in their utopian hideaways.

Curitiba, Brazil, proves to be a playground for street artist Rimon Guimarães who knows how to shake up an otherwise gray city. Emerging chef extraordinaire Faisal Al Nashmi explains how his culinary vision and artful mindset are putting Kuwait City on the foodie map.

From the sustainable surf movement to the rapid development of Bahraini cinema, the world continues to surprise us with innovation and passionate people paving the way for future generations.

And after months in the making, we’re beyond thrilled to officially announce Restival, a brand new weeklong nomadic, music and art pop-up festival that majestic disorder will be co-hosting this November. The inaugural festival will take place deep in the Sahara of Morocco at Camp Adounia.

We hope to see you there.

Cover: Rimon Guimarães photographed by Camila Cornelsen

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