Issue 1

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majestic disorder exists to archive the personal journeys and inspirations of today’s illustrious creative minds while shinning a light on culturally influential stories from around the globe.

Over the course of the past two incredible years we’ve spent online, we’ve entered 100+ homes and studios of our beloved Featured Minds starting in Chicago, navigating our way through Berlin, London, New York City and more.

We’ve laughed, cried and gotten severely lost on some journeys, all the while forming unbelievable friendships that carry the spirit of genuine inspiration wherever they go. Our treks around the world have led us to designers, photographers, outsider artists, guerrilla filmmakers and storytellers — each one is as significant as the next as they lay their own mark on the world.

We curate the cultural map of aesthetics + knowledge by showing life’s beauty is captured without much art direction through a raw lens, not a Photoshopped one.

We campaign for the highest standards of transparency and ethics leading with an all paid editorial staff. We endorse sustainable lifestyles where garments are produced ethically with environmentally friendly materials and when possible, created locally. We are reshaping the way we think of secondhand, vintage and eco-friendly aesthetics.

In an age where society questions the future of originality, majestic disorder uncovers enough evidence to prove when we take the time to look hard enough and pay attention to the voices that go unheard, we all see the silver lining.

We believe in the printed word, the use of analog photography and the kind of creativity that fuels the heart and soul. We believe in the future of sustainability and the impact promoting positive body image has on humanity.

As you flip through these pages you’ll see we traveled near (Bristol) and far (Lagos) to unearth and explore the truth of emerging markets, individual personal style and artistic pursuits.

We’ve created this issue to serve as your daily dose of creativity, late night inspiration and travel companion. At the end of each day, we hope majestic disorder finds its way onto your beloved bookshelf or coffee table eagerly awaiting your return.

Cover: Martha Engdal photographed by Cyrus Mahboubian

Featured in this issue: model Claire Millar, photographer Whitney Richardson, investigating the roots of Bristol's aerosol art, exploring Nigeria's fashion and film industry

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265mm(H) x 198mm(W)
128 pages
140 gsm uncoated paper stock