Issue 9 Marie-Sophie + Chris Lockhart

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Whether creative talent is innate or unexpectedly discovered, no two journeys are ever alike. The difference is often found in environment.

The environment in which we develop and occupy can be as tangible as the influences closest to us or the palo santo we burn in our space. Sometimes love leads us to change environments, whereas other times it could be necessity.

Another interpretation is the industry surroundings we operate within. Some of us work in challenging environments that require breaking cultural stigmas to communicate messages. Others must persevere with limited resources.

The literal translation, describing our natural world, also impacts the journey. We’ve explored indigenous cultures on two continents in this issue whereby preservation of the natural environment is not only integral to their way of life, but also fuels their creative expression when in harmony.

It is our impetus to protect the environments we inhabit and contribute to their legacy. In the Galápagos Islands, a realm of natural wonder and beauty, we spoke with a local dance company seeking to build a native arts culture where there was none. From the city of St. Louis in Senegal, we share tales from the Wolof language so the wider world may know their stories.

While exploring these pages, connect the creative humans and the diversified interpretations of environment in their journey.

Cover: Marie-Sophie Lockhart + Chris Lockhart photographed by Sean Williams

Featured in this issue: Amie Luczkowkski-Gibson, Okuda San Miguel, Adebayo Bolaji, DJ Dubby and explorations of Colombia & Ecuador

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