Issue 7 Simo Lagnawi

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Whether it’s the root of inspiration, culture or personal journey, discovering these origins and connecting them to the larger picture has been our aspiration since inception.

Before our publication manifested itself into print two and half years ago, our foundation was Featured Minds. So it’s only fitting we explore one of the most culturally significant and personally connected roots within that chapter.

As American citizens, our personal educational upbringing glazed
over the history of Native Americans — a sprawling number of distinct indigenous cultures that once prevailed throughout the country for centuries until the Industrial Revolution and doctrine of Manifest Destiny.

We’re beyond grateful to Katie Harris and her family. Katie’s an
enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, who graciously opened her native land for us to explore and photograph — her creative passions and pensive insights are truly inspirational.

These succeeding pages elaborate upon literal roots as well. From biodynamic farming in Italy to natural farming in Japan, we explored the root of these diverse agricultural practices that are the epitome of sustainability.

Finally, we explore the roots of multicultural artisans, from Morocco’s gnawa music and street art in New Delhi to Nepali expats creating on both sides of the hemisphere. Their stories are as equally inspirational as they are creatively amazing.

Cover: Simo Lagnawi photographed by Hassan Hajjaj

Featured in this issue: Brandon Boyd, Katie Harris, Arpana Rayamajhi, Kares Le Roy, Harsh Raman

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