Issue 11

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Our natural curiosity as humans inspires creation, growth and evolution. While your individual journey’s path may not always be visible, transformational power rests in pursuing your vision.

We dig deep to discover the heart of cultures we come across, so we can share their stories to unite people and places. Among the inspiring movers and shakers throughout this issue are the conscientious criteria they applied to choices along their paths.

The more in harmony we are with our environment, the more we can draw upon the natural resources available to us — taking only what we need in order to support ourselves, family and community.

As inhabitants of Earth, it’s no longer enough to say we’re socially responsible. Every choice we make has an environmental impact. Every decision regarding single-use plastic can enlarge the nebulous waste colony of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

We can pick up a paintbrush or a pen. We can use our voice, our art and craft. We must use whatever tools we have to challenge the established system, get creative and find solutions.

As this issue shows, it does not matter who you are; what matters is your unique contribution and expression. In the end, the smallest choices have the greatest impact. The little acts of care and compassion at home, at work and in our communities have real power to transform beliefs and make the difference our planet needs.

Cover: OthmanChic photographed by Simbarashe Cha

Featured in this issue: artist Tiffanie Delune, Sarah Shabacon of Bohème Goods, with explorations through Morocco, Mexico, India, Mauritius, Hawaii and so much more!

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240mm(H) x 170mm(W)
176 pages
110 gsm uncoated paper stock