Issue 10

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Creative expression is a fundamental element of human existence. It’s not just limited to physical manifestations, such as a painting or photograph; it can also be something as intangible as the sense of home at a boutique hotel.

A human can be an artist at anything they do, from transporting people across a city to designing a brand’s visual identity. With 10,000 hours of practice, anyone can master a skill, as the theory goes.

The perception of creative mastery and measurement is subjective, but none of the stories represented in this issue feature overnight sensations fortunate with luck and timing. Each maker’s foundation came from years of hard work mastering their craft, with perseverance being paramount. Their honest portrayal of the struggles and hustles to support their pursuit of creative expression is palpable.

A running thread is these makers’ ambition to go beyond their chosen craft, either extrapolating it to wider networks or leaping into the unknown of another adventure. This entrepreneurial spirit is as inspiring as it is reflective of our times. Multi-commodity or multidisciplinary skill is key since today’s work culture no longer supports job loyalty or singular specialists as it promised earlier generations.

Whether it’s channeling a vision or formal training, we all need to express ourselves and add our personal touch in whatever medium, platform or industry that may be, and however subtle or grandiose we choose.

Cover: Karolina Merska photographed by Catharine Amoroso

Featured in this issue: Mukul Bhatia, Kristopher Edelen, Mozhdeh Matin, Cinema of Saudi Arabia, London's Maker Movement and so much more!

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240mm(H) x 170mm(W)
176 pages
110 gsm uncoated paper stock